…Your dog sleeps in your bed. You apologize if you have to move it a bit.

Talking to your dog, you call yourself Daddy or Mommy.

Nothing can be seen through the rear window of your car because it’s all in noseprints of your dog.

You call your dog with 32 different names and none of them makes sense. But your dog responds to all of them.

You like people that like your dog. You despite people that don’t like it.

The pockets of your coats are full of doggybags.

You always put a second cover on your bed so that you dog feels most comfortable.

Your mobile phone is full of pictures of guess who….

You miss your breakfast to have a chance to walk with your dog before going to job.

In the end of the day, you don’t drink beer with your co-workers anymore because you have to rush to your dog.

Your weekend plan is to walk with your dog (for both Saturday and Sunday).

Your fridge is full of food for your dog.

You’ve never eaten all of your beefsteak or chicken – you share it with your dog.

You don’t hoover your flat as long as possible because your dog is afraid of the hoover.

You keep on eating even if you’ve found some dog hair in your plate.

When your dog gets older, you make some steps for it to ease climbing on to bed.

When your husband and your dogs snore, it’s your husband who grabs the pillow to sleep somewhere else.

Your dog is the star of your website!