And that’s what their dog would say, according to the icons:

The Terrier Mix: “Either my place is pretty small or I have a few more of these running around… somewhere.”

A Spaniel: “Everything I pet must have long, luscious locks.”

A Dachshund: “It’s funny hearing people talk about my wiener in an excitedly high-pitched voice.”

A Sheepdog: “In the end, this was a better choice than a pet panda bear.”

A Retriever: “Being blithesome and lovable is a lifestyle.”

A Boston Terrier: “Guess which one of us is known as ‘The American Gentleman.’”

Ambiguously White and Fluffy: “This is the Stringer Bell of lap dogs.”

Cavalier King Charles: “Yes, we are the cutest thing ever.”



Source: The Gentlemen’s Corner