1.You were an adorable puppy and you know it.

2.Socks are better for warming ears than warming toes.

3.Your body weight is so evenly distributed this won’t tip you over.

4.You prepare and coordinate for all weather.

5.You have one day of the week designated to being a lonesome cowboy.

6.You run like this and know it’s fabulous.

7.You have perfected the “puppy dog eyes.”

8.Nay, you INVENTED it.

9.And you know how to find the perfect napping places.

10.You know how to work a fan for a photo shoot.

11.No one can tell if you are sitting or standing…

12.But you love it because it’s your own secret and you are king.

13.You can sleep literally anywhere with your built-in eye mask.

14.Beach days? Yeah, you could say you’re the master of them.

15.“OH MY GOODNESS! Your ears are so long! Can you fly? Can I touch them??” is something you hear every.single.day.

16.You are a fantastic singer.

17.Yeah, sometimes you get bloated, OK? Nobody’s perfect.

18.But for the most part, you are perfect.

19.And adorable.

Peace and Dogs,
the Lovedogbloggers

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