This is the story of a man who devoted his life to save and cure street dogs, by giving them medical treatment, love and affection. He has converted his house into a kennel where he treats them for ailments like amputated limbs and even cancer. Not all his neighbors take all these kindly subjecting the ‘doctor’ to their wrath. However, that does not prevent him from dreaming of a house (he does not want to call it a shelter) for his loved ones.

Story by Kaushik Sengupta

Mr. Sandip Karan loves street dogs and his love knows no bounds. He is a self-taught vet who learned his lessons while assisting veterinary surgeons for years. He is trying to raise funds for his NGO Concern for Animal and Environment.


Dogs are left free to move around and take a rest in Mr.Sandip Karan´s house. His home kennel houses 40 street dogs who are mostly sick.


Mr.Sandip Karan and his wife Mrs.Moumita Karan bring the patient to their home for the treatment.


Dr. Rajib Ray(C) a dentist comes to Mr. Sandip Karan’s house for a personal meeting. Dr. Rajib Ray(C) is one of the donator of Mr.Karan ngo Concern for Animal and Environment Welfare.


Mr.Sandip Karan takes bath.


Mr.Sandip Karan checks up the street dog at one of his donator’s house.


Mr.Sandip Karan takes rest with his family at his home.

Source: whataboutproject.com