I don’t know if you remember the Walt Disney Film. It tells the story of two unlikely friends, a fox and a hound dog , who struggle to preserve their friendship despite their emerging instincts and the surrounding social pressures demanding them to be adversaries.

Of course i never managed to watch it until the end, because i kinda had  bad feelings about it…so, i still don’t know the end ( prefer beginnings) but what happened: here is the real version of that movie. And i tell you it’s unbelievable. ( and so heartwarming that it hurts a bit…)

Sniffer the wild fox and Tinni the domestic dog met by chance one day in the woods of Norway and became friends. Tinni’s daddy happened to be photographer Torgeir Berge who captured every heartwarming moment between the two best of friends.

The tender and playful relationship between the two was so inspiring  that Berge decided to release a book chronicling the canine duo called The Fox and the Dog which will feature fairytales based on their friendship.

More so, Berge noted how similar his dog and Sniffer were and his thoughts on Norway’s controversial fox-fur trade changed so much that he is now campaigning to have it banned. ( thank you!) 


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