After a long wait here come the 2014 upcoming celebrities! ;)
Have fun always,
The Lovedogbloggers

An orangutan who is extremely surprised to see you!

A little sepia watermelon baby tapir.

A 2 day old hippo who is just about to run into momma’s behind.


A little pig in a little t-shirt.

The baby gorilla who is listening to all your stories intently, girl.

A rustled baby zebra.

An extremely determined cygnet.

The sea lion with something to yell over.

A bunny sent from heaven to melt hearts.

The dik-dik in the fireplace that every home needs.

Caracal cubs, one of whom woke up like this (flawless).

The anteater who is wise beyond his years.

Three little fishing cat cubs, including the cutest and most apprehensive little face on the guy to the right.

An extremely acrobatic orangutan.

A 2 day old hippo who is just about to run into momma’s behind.

The happiest baby elephant.

The sleepiest white lion in the world.

A snow leopard with a bit of sass.

This puppy who just had a really tough day at work.

An extremely sincere baby puppy dog.

This clouded leopard who can’t BELIEVE what you just said.

A baby porcupine who enjoys plums.

The bats who each have their own little sleeping bags and pillows.

This oncilla kitten who might crush your soul if you stare into her eyes for long enough.

A somewhat muddy panda!


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